Light Reading recognized AT&T at the 11th 2015 Leading Lights Awards in Chicago earlier this week. The awards celebrate growth in emerging telecommunications, like Software Defined Networks (SDN) and gigabit high-speed Internet. Light Reading awards the movers and shakers of the industry. AT&T won three of 24 categories, more than any other company nominated.

In addition to our winners, AT&T also made finalist in six additional categories.

Fast, highly secure and mobile connectivity to everything on the Internet – everywhere, all the time – is what drives AT&T. We’re working to stay ahead of the growing demand for mobile data. In the last eight years, our mobile data traffic has increased 100,000 percent. And it shows no sign of slowing.

We’re building a future network with the first SDN capability (Network on Demand). That means we can make quick changes using software instead of installing more hardware. We can use that service to automate security functions for a faster response, or mobilize resources for business customers. At AT&T, we’re bringing innovative solutions to this data-driven world.

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