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For many international travelers, a smartphone is almost as important as a passport. However, tracking and managing your data use can be tough when you’re traveling in another country.

The AT&T International Travel App offers an easy and convenient way to manage and monitor your mobile data and messaging usage during your travels abroad. The app alerts you when you have met or exceeded your package allowances or when you reach $100 in pay-per-use charges.  You can even set up your own custom alerts.

The idea for the International Roaming App was sparked by Cameron Dunn, an employee working in AT&T’s International Alliances & Integrations group. Cameron and his team envisioned a one-stop travel app that would give customers traveling internationally control over their roaming experience. With idea in hand, they submitted to AT&T’s innovation crowdsourcing engine, The Innovation Pipeline.

The idea received instant peer support and swiftly landed in the AT&T Foundry – Israel, one of our innovation centers for testing and prototyping. Eight months after being proposed, the app is now available to our customers.

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