Before handing the car keys to an exuberant teen heading back to school, make sure your son or daughter is tempering that excitement and driving smart. The Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series can monitor if young drivers are responsible, or it can be a parent’s way of knowing a vehicle’s current state with a glance at a phone.

The Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II port, seen in most cars released after 1996, and then feeds information to an Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry app for safety monitoring. It sends notifications about excessive speeding, finds the location of the car if it is stolen or towed, limits phone use while driving, and more. (Text blocking on Android or BlackBerry only.)

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Unique Features

  • Vehicle Location - Locate your vehicles current location and monitor where it has been. Use the mobile app to find your vehicle and get walking directions to where it is parked.
  • Safety Zones - Geo-fencing capability. 5 zones available to understand quickly where a vehicle has been with enter/exit notification. Create driving zones for young drivers, senior drivers, and business/fleet drivers.
  • Safety Alerts - Excessive speeding alerts, maintenance issues, towed or stolen vehicles, and if the device has been removed.
  • Driver Scoring - Car Connection uses advanced algorithms to determine a "driver score" based on driving habits and mileage.
  • Distracted Driving/Cell Phone Restriction - Additional ZoomSafer app limits the permissions on the phone when driving (available for Android™ and BlackBerry® smartphones). Parent or admin have ability to set permissions online and have it send automatic text message replies when driving.
  • Vehicle Health - Diagnostic report on vehicle maintenance, recalls, check engine alerts, and will sends text/email message to smartphone/web UI.
  • Trip Summary - Understand how vehicle is being used including beginning and end address, miles travels, cost of fuel used, trip time, and map of trip, to manage travel costs.
  • Fuel Savings - Fuel use of vehicle and tips to save fuel by adjusting your driving behavior and vehicle use.
  • Remote Start and Remote Access to Vehicle Using Smart Phone - With the optional Audiovox remote start accessory device (restricted to certain vehicles and professional installation required), you can remotely start your vehicle from virtually anywhere you are on your smartphone.