Bloomberg has announced that when it comes to gender equality in the workplace, AT&T is among the best in the world.

The annual Gender-Equality Index provides unique insight into what companies are doing to build gender-equal workplaces. This is the first year companies outside the financial services sector have been invited to nominate for the list. And AT&T is one of a select group that's been chosen. In fact, we're the only U.S.-based telecommunications company named to the list.

“We've made advances in this area and remain resolved to continual improvement.” said Corey Anthony, chief diversity officer. “Equality and inclusiveness have always been the standard we hold ourselves to at the highest of levels, and we're better for it.”

The 2018 Gender-Equality Index measures gender equality based on:

  • internal company data (women on Boards and in senior leadership roles)
  • employee policies (paid time off, elder-care programs, harassment policies)
  • external community support and engagement
  • gender-conscious product offerings

"Having the best talent at the table – both women and men – is critical to our success as a company and how we're able to best serve our customers," said Charlene Lake, chief sustainability officer. "We have a longstanding reputation as a company that understands and embraces diversity and inclusion. When we're all reaching our potential, there's no limit to where we might go."