More than 84,200 women at AT&T help connect our world.

These women are executives, engineers, marketers, sales people, finance leaders, attorneys – and mentors. They are a driving force behind the technology evolutions we use every day.

In Mexico, nearly 80% of engineering jobs are held by men.1 This trend is fostered by the nuclear family, where children are encouraged to accept their pre-existing gender roles.

To break the trend, AT&T is working with FUNED to foster a new generation of successful women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. AT&T will contribute about $75,000 to enable 5 young Mexican women to earn a Master’s Degrees in STEM.

“At AT&T we collaborate with more than 84 thousand women worldwide. They are executives, engineers, vendors, lawyers, and specialists of all sectors who lead the transformation of connectivity. This is why we are very conscious of how relevant it is to promote the next generation of Mexican female leaders,” said Cristina Ruiz de Velasco, Executive Director of External Affairs, AT&T Mexico.

“Through FUNED, AT&T has found a great collaborator to take successful students into prestigious universities around the world. We’re proud to be part of this initiative,” she added.

1. According to “Women and Men in Mexico, 2012”, by INEGI