We’re always interested in spurring innovative ideas that can lead to better services and apps – through our hackathons, our collaborations at AT&T Foundry, and beyond. A few weeks back, we kicked off the AT&T Coding Challenge, an innovation competition that taps the bright minds of college students from across the country.

Our challenge was simple: Create a mobile app to combat the social pressures of texting while driving.

The AT&T Coding Challenge attracted students from 25 universities who formed teams to compete for cash prizes and valuable experience building an app. After 12-weeks of planning, design and development, we found our winner:  a team of students from the University of Texas at Arlington. The winning app utilizes AT&T’s location, voice and in-app messaging APIs to encourage and reward drivers who refrain from using their phone while driving.  

Read more about the AT&T Coding Challenge in our Innovation Space blog.

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