By Randall Ajimine, Guest Blogger

After one sip, I knew it was different, it was something amazing. Ever since then, I’ve been after that great coffee experience.

To me, that experience extends beyond the latte in the cup. Coffee culture is about community, about reaching out. Our coffee shop here in Seattle does more than serve drinks. We also serve as a space to host local musicians, as well as featuring work from local artists on our walls. We want to be a good neighbor, so we offer discounts to students and educators. We provide special rental rates to non-profits who wish to use our space to host meetings or events, and we also provide a drop-off point for clothing donations for the homeless. I’m really honored to be part of the Seattle community, and I’m especially proud to represent them in the AT&T Latte Art Smackdown. I feel as though they’re standing behind me, and a win would be a victory for all of us!

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