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We’re collaborating with solution providers to provide them with what their end-user business customers want from their mobile experience. Solution providers reselling mobility benefit from the ability to create complete solutions, flexibility in designing offerings, ability to manage the business customer relationship and the potential for new recurring revenue.

Last year, we rolled out a wireless program with solution providers who had experience selling rate plans and devices and could provide feedback. Since then, we’ve released over 30 enhancements, added additional resellers, and expanded our product set. So how did our learnings help to shape the program that you see now?

  • Wireless needs to be fast. All aspects of the experience need to be fast. The network needs to be fast (thankfully we’re riding on a fantastic network). Our product delivery needs to be fast, and the sales experience needs to be fast.
  • Wireless needs to be easy. We learned that there were some aspects of our program that didn’t make it easy for our solution providers to activate service or to support their end customers.

Read more about how our learnings helped to shape our mobility program in the complete blog post that includes a video featuring AT&T's Jack Laskowitz, Product Development of Emerging Business Markets.