It’s the spookiest time of the year! We’ve got a ton of awesome apps to download so your All Hallows Eve meets its full potential.

Safety first…

  • AT&T Family Map OR GPS Tracking Pro: Great for keeping track of your family when their main focus is keeping track of all the candy they can collect.
  • Tiny Flashlight + LED: Because a flashlight is imperative once the sun sets and you're on the hunt for tons of candy with your trick or treaters.

Games Galore!

  • Ouija Board: The digitalized throwback to the board game that was played during many a slumber party. Freaky to the max when you beg it a question and it answers acurately.
  • Spooky Hangman: A spookified version of the classic game we all love.
  • Crystal Ball: Ask it a question, it’ll peer into your future and give you the answer. Fun for the whole family.

Creepy, spooky, fun!

  • Scary Sounds: Now, you can have those sound effects on your device for free!
  • Urban Legends: A collection of 140 of the scariest stories out there. Get your campfires and flashlights ready!
  • Halloween Booth: Edit and decorate all your Halloween pictures with ghost, ghouls, witches jack o'lanterns, skeletons, spiders and skulls galore.

For even MORE spooky apps, check out these suggestions in USA Today!

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