Being socially responsible is business as usual for us at AT&T, and we weave it into everything we do. So today, for the fourth year in a row, we want to recognize several suppliers who have really taken to heart our call to action for sustainable operations. These companies have contributed innovative solutions toward our sustainable operation efforts.  

“Incorporating sustainable practices into our supply chain is a crucial element of what makes our supply chain effective,” said Susan A. Johnson, SVP of AT&T’s Global Supply Chain. “AT&T’s Supplier Sustainability Awards celebrate the efforts of our suppliers who are setting new standards in sustainability with social responsibility as a top priority.”

The 2014 awards recognize vendors with outstanding contributions in four categories: process improvement, energy efficiency, environmental and packaging. These areas are vital to how we bring products and services to our customers in a sustainable way.

FRG Waste Resources Inc. – Process Improvement

In the past 10 years, FRG Waste Resources has developed ways to improve the waste and recycling processes to reduce costs and make business operations more efficient. FRG continues to pioneer methods to improve our waste and recycling management.

Enlighted Inc. – Energy Efficiency 

Since 2014, Enlighted has helped us use less energy by installing smart lighting solutions at AT&T facilities – from offices to garages and call centers. We’ve worked hand-in-hand to create a way to install smart lighting that helps our cost structure. 

Premier Surplus Inc. – Environmental

From 2013 to the end of 2014, Premier Surplus has worked with us to recycle more than 2.6 million pounds of electronics for our facilities in the southeastern region alone. The company supports our e-waste management in an environmentally responsible way.

Superior Communications Inc. – Packaging

Superior Communications reintroduced sustainably-packaged power accessory products to our stores. Made with recycled materials and packaged with no plastic, these products use less water and energy to produce, and reduces the carbon footprint.

We thank these companies for their leadership and drive to support our sustainability goals. We are off to a great start in 2015 working together responsibly!