Understanding your identity during these years can feel lonely, isolating and even scary at times, and that’s why Spirit Day - a day dedicated to promoting awareness and advocacy for LGBT youth and to speak out against bullying - is so important to us at LEAGUE. Your participation sends LGBT youth the message that they’re not alone and that they have the support from people near and far during these challenging years.

October is LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) History Month, and in celebration, LEAGUE at AT&T is excited to again support the company-wide recognition of Spirit Day, taking place on Thursday, October 16th. Participation is easy – wear purple and encourage others to take part in this important cause.

We’re also excited to bring attention to AT&T’s Making Your Mark campaign. The campaign acknowledges the importance of recognizing and celebrating the locations in our communities that have empowered LGBT individuals to live freely and happily – thus elevating the LGBT community as a whole. Participants are invited to check-in to their unique “Making Your Mark” locations via their social media channels (including Facebook and Twitter) with the hashtag #MakingYourMark.

As long-time supporters of LGBT causes, AT&T and LEAGUE encourage you to join in our LGBT History Month programs by recognizing Spirit Day on October 16th and participating in the Making Your Mark campaign throughout the month of October. Share your support for the LGBT community by encouraging friends, relatives, co-workers and local public officials to participate as well. Take your support a step further by spreading the word with social media. You can even “go purple” online by turning your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures purple using the GLAAD app here: glad.org/spiritday.  

This week, be sure to tweet “I pledge to go purple! @LEAGUEatATT #SPIRITDAY #Attemployee and show your support for LGBT youth!

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