Fireworks, BBQ, parades, time with family and friends…there is so much to look forward to going into the celebrations this weekend. As we pause tomorrow to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy this Independence Day, let’s all remember those who have sacrificed so much to protect the rights we can often take for granted.



AT&T’s commitment to the military runs deep. Through our work with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), we celebrate and honor wounded veterans and their families by donating more than 3,000 tickets to concerts, sporting and family events across the country for them to enjoy. Over the past few years, we also have worked with WWP to raise funds and awareness for the Warriors to Work program that provides career guidance and support to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce.



So tomorrow, when you’re watching fireworks, soaking in the sun, or just simply enjoying the holiday, take a minute and remember those who made our independence possible and those who continue to protect our freedom. And if you know an active member or veteran, make sure to say “thank you.”

To learn more about our support of the Wounded Warriors Project, be sure to check out the full post on our Citizenship & Sustainability blog.