When a Chicago family couldn’t reach the 69-year-old relative housesitting their home, they called  AT&T to check the phone line. Customer service technician Mike Rojo planned to do a routine check of the line. He didn’t plan on saving the day.

"There was nothing like this in 15 years on the job," he said.

Rojo rang the doorbell and heard nothing. He decided to open the screen door and knock once more when he heard a faint yell.

"I put my ear to the door and knocked again. We couldn't understand each other through the door. Then I noticed the mail slot in the front door. I looked in and yelled. A woman replied that she's been trapped in the second floor bathroom for 5 days!"

The woman had been housesitting when she fell in the bathroom and couldn’t get up. She spent days without food, water or her medication.

Mike called the police. They showed up with rescue workers  and made their way in. Paramedics then took the woman to the hospital for treatment.

“What if I didn't show up or if I didn't hear her? What if I checked the phone line on the side of the house and left?” he said. "Couple more days, who knows what would have happened."

Hear more about Mike’s heroic story in an interview with a local TV station