The Internet of Things is revolutionizing life as we know it. And it’s not slowing down.

Is your business prepared to keep pace?

At the start of your IoT journey, it’s important to invest in a foundation that’s forward-looking. Beware of shiny object syndrome—and don’t let the latest device or app distract you.

For many companies, IoT success ultimately depends not on your device or app, but on choosing the right IoT platform to support new services for a rapidly evolving business environment. The right IoT platform means you can expand your IoT solution with flexibility, choice and the confidence to connect virtually anything your business needs.

With 85% of global organizations considering an IoT strategy[1], choosing the right IoT platform is key to their success. It’s vital to the progress of their IoT solutions today—and in the future.

So how do you choose the right IoT platform? AT&T looked at a few key factors to accomplish long-term success.

We compiled our findings in a white paper titled “What You Need to Know About IoT Platforms: How Platforms Stack Up in IoT.” This comprehensive report can help you build on an IoT platform that’s well-suited for your company’s future IoT development.

Insights include:

  • Why building IoT applications on the right platform is key to success
  • A look inside the layers of the IoT stack and why IoT platforms matter
  • An overview of multi-network connectivity and IoT network options
  • Our take on the importance of a multi-layer security approach
  • 6 critical questions to ask when evaluating IoT platforms
  • Tools, references and resources for jumpstarting your next IoT project

Download the report to learn more about how to pick the best platform for your IoT needs. And read more about services and technologies that can help you unlock the potential of IoT.

[1] AT&T State of IoT Survey, Oct. 2015