Over the weekend, our Code for Car and Home Hackathon took place at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas where over 200 developers, 47 teams, 41 sponsors, and over 300 in total attended. At the Hackathon, developers built apps that focused on connected vehicle and home automation. One of our two top winning teams focused on an app to help with distracted driving, phone calls while driving, etc. Our other winner focused on home safety, monitoring and reacting to high levels of carbon monoxide. In total, over $100,000 in prizes were awarded to winning teams.

The weekend was filled with energy as developers and technology providers came together to bring ideas to fruition as well as a giant nerf war! They were really challenged to imagine the car and home of the future - plus upgrade their non-smart cars to something that helps improve their daily lives.

To learn about all of the winners from our Code for Car and Home Hackathon, check out our AT&T Developer Blog. To keep us with more news coming from CTIA, check out our live blog.


Pictured above are the members of Team Car Bon in order from left to right: Dylan Simpson, Kevin Chang, Jeremy Feliciano, Ryan Mulligan, David Chistopher and Brian Lu.