By Tad Reynes – regional vice president – Internet of Things Healthcare Solutions

Innovation is the pulse of AT&T. And at HIMSS18, we’re excited to showcase some of the coolest, newest solutions that we’re bringing IoT connectivity to in the healthcare space.

Here’s what Astute Inc., Mytrex Inc., Readiness Systems and AlertGPS have to say about how their devices use AT&T connectivity:

Astute. The Astute CTR-01 is a new LTE CAT M1 cellular health hub by Astute Inc. The gateway hub can connect to BLE and WIFI enabled medical devices and convert to LTE and LTE-M. LTE-M has, better indoor coverage, longer battery life, lower service cost, and ease of use with no need for pairing to Wifi. The AT&T LTE connected Astute hub is for use in hospitals and nursing homes. The gateway hub can send data from the devices to nurse and patient portal pages which can be accessed and viewed remotely via a tablet or computer.

Mytrex Inc. The MXD-LTE, from Mytrex Inc., is a cloud-based Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) which utilizes the AT&T LTE Network and the Mytrex web portal to enable family members, caregivers, and distributors to manage the system remotely. The MXD-LTE is expected to be released at the end of the second quarter of 2018, and will support all current Mytrex accessories, including the fall detection capabilities of the myActive AlertTM.   

Readiness Systems. AED Sentinel is a technology-based remote AED monitoring system by Readiness Systems. AEDs, or automated external defibrillators, are FDA-regulated medical devices approved for use by non-medically trained people to treat sudden cardiac arrest. AT&T will provide highly secure network connectivity for the AED Sentinel, which uses internet-connected monitoring sensors, along with an associated software platform and an intuitive user dashboard to remotely monitor an organization’s AEDs and ensure they are ready to work every time they are needed, certifying compliance and easing the burdens of AED program cost and management.

AlertGPS. AlertGPS is a leading innovator in connected enterprise safety technology. Its safety wearable devices combined with a mass communication and alerting platform can quickly locate, communicate and get help to mobile healthcare workers.  The devices are connected by the highly secure AT&T Network. AlertGPS proactively monitors and enables rapid communications and emergency response to workers who are injured or threatened. At the touch of a simple button, a worker can quickly trigger a 2-way emergency call to the Safety Monitoring Center, trained to dispatch help.  Organizations can mitigate safety risks and help keep their mobile workforce safe and connected.

For more information on any of these innovative solutions, please stop by our booth at HIMSS  (#5832). I hope to see you there.