From subways to high rises to underwater tunnels and a population that doubles with commuters every day – it is quite a challenge to keep NYC connected. Here’s how our network engineers bring modern connectivity to one of the oldest and most important cities in the country.

In NYC, coverage, quality and capacity is the name of the game. This means our engineers had to create a living, breathing network that is able to cover both full-time city-dwellers and commuters that depend on connectivity in the bridges, tunnels, and trains. And whether our customers live in Manhattan full time or commute in for work, the need to stay connected is something all New Yorkers have in common.

Check out the virtual reality video  as we take you to some of the most iconic New York City locations and the hidden technologies that help keep you connected.

  • Brooklyn Bridge – It’s easy to forget, but Manhattan is an island and millions of people travel across its bridges every day. On each side of the bridge, we have a special antenna that covers the bridges end to end.
  • 30 Rockefeller Center – From the subway station below 30 Rock to the Observation Deck, AT&T covers this building literally from top to bottom. Tour antennas on the rooftop observation deck and base station equipment.
  • Central Park– In a city like NY where real estate for cell sites are limited, we had to get creative to densify our network. We’re installing LTE and Wi-Fi enabled metrocells on light posts throughout the city.


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