Lupita Kuri credits AT&T with helping her get her mobile business rolling. Kuri, who owns the Sweet Ride Food Truck (“The Windy City’s Mobile Bakery”), used her smartphone to apply for a food truck license during a lunch break at her previous job. “I didn’t quit until Sweet Ride was up and running, because I couldn’t use the work computer,” Kuri recalls. “I feel like I can control my entire world using my phone.”

Kuri runs her whole business with a smartphone and tablet. Kuri uses Twitter, Facebook and Four- Square to post updates about her location and menu, along with notices such as “Down to 1 banana pudding at Southport & Waveland!” She and her employees take orders on a tablet using the Square card reader; she processes invoices with the Invoice2go app; and thanks to Google Voice, Kuri can field both work and personal calls on her phone, which cuts down on costs.

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