More and more, people feel like helpless victims against cybercrime. They’re just not sure how to fight it.

Here’s one way to battle back. AT&T has launched Cyber Aware, a website to help you learn about email and text scams, spam, identity theft and much more.

“New scams and data breaches pop up daily,” said Pete Coulter, assistant vice president of global fraud management. “Crooks want to steal your personal information so they can go on a spending spree. It’s more important than ever to manage your privacy and keep your information secure. The challenge is knowing what to do.”

Coulter said a recent AT&T survey found 43% of Americans said they felt powerless about online security.* But they shouldn’t. The easiest, most basic security tips can still have a huge impact on preventing many online scams and thefts, he said.

Cyber Aware ties privacy and security together, because one of the best ways to protect your privacy online is to follow the best security practices.

The goal is to create resources that are detailed enough to be helpful, but simple enough to be inviting, said Sachin Kothari, director of compliance. Nobody should feel defenseless.

The website,, is organized into 4 sections:

  • Awareness & Education explains various scams and threats, and how to avoid them
  • News & Information shares useful blog posts, links and articles
  • Alerts & Reporting offers warnings of new threats
  • Resources provides detailed info on scams and glossary of terms

“Connected technology is awesome,” Coulter said. “Smart devices have changed the way we work and play. Safe habits won’t prevent every problem – but they sure help. By staying informed, you can go a long way toward protecting your privacy.”

*In September/October 2017, AT&T surveyed 1,020 U.S. adults to help us better understand their online habits and attitudes about security.