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The basketball playoffs are well underway on courts across the country and fans are flooding the stands to take in the action with their smartphones in hand. Fans are also increasingly using their mobile devices to share the most memorable experiences– from fast breaks to slam dunks. That’s why AT&T worked to help ensure the influx in mobile traffic sent and received by Oklahoma City basketball fans at the arena can be handled by its Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which helps increase cellular capacity inside the venue.

Here’s what we saw from our customers using our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network at some recent games at the arena in Oklahoma City:

  • Total data usage from inside the arena on 5/7 was 148GB. 148GB is the equivalent to nearly  425k social media posts with photos.
    • The data usage on 5/7 was 23%, or 28GB, more than the data usage during the regular season finale on 4/16. That’s equivalent to an additional 80K social media posts with photos being sent or received from the game.
    • The data usage during the six playoff games thus far has been an average of 154GB per game. This is 28%, or approximately 34 GB, more than the regular season finale on 4/16.
  • So far during the playoffs, fans have uploaded and downloaded the most data during the first round finale on 5/3.During this game 170GB crossed our in-venue mobile network.