Prior to AT&T SHAPE, our annual event for creators and developers to explore the convergence of technology and entertainment, judges narrowed the AT&T Create-a-thon competition down from hundreds of scripts to 39 teams. Creatives poured in to the Warner Bros. Studios lot from across the nation to produce short films at AT&T SHAPE in just a weekend. Five finalists were chosen.

The votes are in.

Thousands of votes were cast, and you determined the winner. Those winning $40,000 in total prizes are:

Grand prize winner with $20,000: The Deaf vs. The Dead – Episode 1: “Outbreak”

When the zombie apocalypse breaks out in Los Angeles, an out deaf man must find a way to survive and protect his loved ones, even if it means teaming up with some unlikely people.

Team: Zombie Slayers

Written/director: Dickie Hearts (IMDB)

Producer: Kristen Brancaccio (IMDB)

2nd place with $10,000: The Separation of Church and Livia

Set in a future-adjacent world with 12 billion people and a consolidated world power, runaway data technician Livia is on a mission to rescue her sister, Church, from the labor camps in the newly defrosted Antarctica. But when an alternate-dimension version of herself shows up to talk her out of it, she has to decide between safety and sister… In a world where autonomy gets you killed.

Team: Phileon Productions

Co-Producer/Writer/Director: Sarah Phillips

Co-Producer/Actress: Laetitia Leon (IMDB)

3rd place with $5,000: Time’s Up

When an assassin catches up with her mark, it leads to some unexpected results.

Team: Times’s Up

Co-Writer/Director/Editor: Ann Roy

Co-Writer/Producer: Warren Brooks

Best film directed by a woman with $5,000: Sweet Dreams Chris

“Sweet Dreams Chris” is a story about a man’s adventures inside his girlfriend’s wacky dreams. You never know what she’ll dream of next.

Team: MoBo Productions

Writer/Editor/Actor: David Chan

Producer/Locations Manager: Nick Arciero

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