With cold temperatures sweeping the U.S., there’s no doubt it’s winter! You already protect yourself and your family with coats, gloves and scarves, but what about your smartphone and tablet?  You need to protect your from the winter weather too.  Exposing your devices to extreme cold temperatures for too long can:

  • Drain your battery.
  • Make your phone’s hardware more brittle leading to cracked screens.
  • Cause condensation to form inside your screen.
  • Lead to permanent damage if your device is left in “sleep mode.”

Here are some tips for keeping your devices safe.

Keep your device inside. When you do venture out into the cold, put it in your purse, bag or pocket. Make sure it’s shielded.

Don’t leave devices your car or trunk for extended periods of time. Remember to take your tablets or phones out of your car overnight or if you’re out for a day of wintry activities.

Leave your phone at home. While shoveling snow or sledding with the kids, keep your phone indoors. Not only do you expose it to the cold, but you risk getting your device wet.

Make sure you have a protective case. A case like the Lifeproof Fre Live 360 or Pelican Marine is great for protecting from water, dirt, snow and drops. There are lots of colors available at our stores and att.com.

Invest in a Bluetooth headset. Your phone isn’t going to stop ringing just because it’s cold. If you’re expecting to be out in the cold for a while you may want to get a Bluetooth headset. A good option is the LG Tone Active or Power Beats 3 wireless headset. It lets you to leave your phone in your pocket while talking.

If you must expose your device to the cold for an extended period of time, turn it off and don’t turn it back on until it has warmed up – this helps to keep condensation from forming.

Touchscreen gloves. If you’re going to use your device outside in cold temperatures, get yourself a pair of touchscreen gloves. You can leave them on while using your device.

We know the value of devices. And we want to make sure you’re connected and your devices work even in bitter temps this winter.