Four AT&T employees showed that by doing one thing – they can make a difference. All four winners were selected as the 2013 Champions of Do One Thing (also known as “DOT”), each committed to one thing – one small act that would change their community or workplace for the better. The four winners each received a $2,500 donation made in their name to a nonprofit of their choice. 

And the winners are…

Penny Alberg and some of her co-workers started the Fiber to the World Yarn Club, whose members knit and crochet for people in need of warmth. There are 11 chapters across the U.S. and remote members in three other countries. Since 2009, volunteers have been using donated yarn supplies to create hats, sweaters, blankets and more than 2,000 other items – donating them to various nonprofits in their area. It all started as Penny’s “one thing” and now involves 200 employees around the world.

Roli Arora collaborated with her colleagues to scale a creative and fun fitness challenge issued to all AT&T employees to Walk Around the Globe in 80 Days, a cumulative total of 8,300 walking hours. The 1,200 AT&T employees exceeded that goal with more than 23,000 hours logged. In addition, to encourage healthy living among Roli’s coworkers, participants saw a total group weight loss of 2,640 pounds.

Patricia Thatcher helped keep 72 tons of material out of landfill and eliminated a year’s worth of emissions from 18 cars – through her recycling program. Collectively, the employees committed to recycling and encouraged their family members to join the movement.

Victoria Rodriguez has led 100 community volunteers who have run nearly 200 miles with 75 different dogs and established partnerships with eight different rescue shelters. Ruff Ruff Rescue Runners benefits both its volunteers and canines with an exercise and social interactive element, helping to make the dogs more adoptable.

Like all of this year’s winners, Victoria’s “one thing” was ignited by a passion for something. For Victoria, it was her two rescue Boxers, Riggins and Laguna.  Both dogs were strays that ended up in the pound and were scheduled to be euthanized. 

“They have added so much to my life that I have wanted to find a way that I can give back and help other rescue dogs in need,” said Victoria. “It combines two things that I love, providing rescue dogs with a positive outlet and exercise.”

Join the DOT movement

Just like the acronym implies, a DOT is something small, but its impact can be huge.

Jump-start a community carpool. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Use a refillable coffee mug. Even the smallest actions have the potential to make a far-reaching impact.

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