Will you be away tonight, but looking to watch the debate LIVE?

The updated DIRECTV App gives you access to your live and recorded programming1 whether away from the living room in your home or on the go. That’s right: virtually anything you typically watch on your DIRECTV service at home will now be available anywhere you have either a mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection. That includes shows on live channels – even locals – as well as just about all of your DVR recorded programs.

Even better, you can stream video via your DIRECTV app without using your mobile data when you’re on the go with Data Free TV on the AT&T mobile wireless network.2 It’s easy and automatic after registering and it doesn’t count against your AT&T mobile data allotment.

Here’s what DIRECTV customers get with the DIRECTV App update:

  1. Stream Live Channels. Access to live programming that you subscribe to on DIRECTV (up to 315 different channels), almost anywhere you have internet access, whether it’s via Wi-Fi or mobile network. You can restart shows in progress or watch shows that aired in the last 72 hours – even if you forgot to record them!
  2. Stream Recorded Programs. Access to content recorded on your home DVR via your mobile device, wherever you have internet access, whether it’s via Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  3. View Recorded Programs Offline. Ability to download almost all recorded content from your home DVR to your mobile device via your home Wi-Fi network. Once downloaded, you can watch that program anywhere, even if you’re on a plane – no internet required.

Additionally, the DIRECTV App gives you access to more than 20,000 of the latest movies and hit shows On Demand from the most popular networks to stream virtually anywhere.3

Once you’re at home, the DIRECTV App gives you even more ways to watch than before. You can instantly move the show that you were watching on your mobile device to your TV and continue watching seamlessly.

To experience these exciting ways to watch your DIRECTV, here’s what you need:

  1. A DIRECTV subscription (SELECT® or above)
  2. The DIRECTV App (available on iOS today and Android soon)
  3. Genie HD DVR 44 and above with a home internet connection
  4. The understanding that once you start streaming on your mobile device, you’re going to have little excuse to stay home

1 Not all channels available. Channels available for live streaming correspond to your package selection and may vary by location. To download, must be in-home on same Wi-Fi network connected to DVR. Certain programming cannot be downloaded. All functions and programming subject to change.

2 DATA FREE TV: Must stream through DIRECTV App. Requires eligible DIRECTV & AT&T wireless services. Exclusions & restrictions apply.

3 Access to content varies by package.