Attendees of the event are increasingly using their mobile devices to share their most memorable race moments – from the formation lap, to the moment the winning car clears the checkered flags. That’s why AT&T worked to make sure it kept pace with the influx in mobile data traffic through an in-venue DAS, which helped increase cellular capacity across the circuit.

Here’s what we saw from our customers using our network during the race in Austin Texas:

  • Total data usage at the circuit on our DAS during the three-day event was 2,625 GB. 2,625 GB is the equivalent to more than 7.5M social media posts with photos.
  • On November 2, from 4- 5PM CST, fans uploaded and downloaded the most data of any single hour during this year’s event, as they posted photos with their favorite drivers. During this hour more than 144GB crossed our in-event network on our DAS.
  • Overall, during this year’s event we saw a 31% increase in data when compared to last year’s race.