AT&T* and Equinix are working to speed up the adoption of cloud services.  The companies today agreed to embed AT&T NetBond into select Equinix data centers. 

AT&T NetBond enables customers to connect to their cloud services using their private AT&T VPN networks, which deliver highly secure connections with high reliability and performance capabilities, rather than relying on access via the public Internet.  The alliance will create the opportunity for cloud providers to allow access to their services via AT&T NetBond from Equinix data centers around the world.

AT&T NetBond combines the security of AT&T virtual private networking with cloud resources. As a result, business customers have flexible and reliable access to the cloud.  It also dynamically allocates VPN bandwidth, allowing customers to use as much or as little as they need.

Read more about our alliance with Equinix in the complete news release.

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