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Launching the first Howie’s Game Shack location, the goal was to bring people together to engage in the social aspect of playing video games in-person by placing hundreds of PCs and game consoles in one location. As the concept grew in popularity and the demand for games increased, so did the need for bandwidth.

We suggested replacing T1 lines with a fiber-based broadband connection, which could not only give blazing fast speeds, but it was also more cost effective. There has been a great improvement in gamers’ satisfaction. The strength and speed of the connection has transformed and improved the gaming environment for Howie’s, and bringing people together is easier than it ever was.  Fiber has been a game-changer!

Read the Howie’s Game Shack case study and learn how its new AT&T fiber-based ethernet broadband connection resulted in dramatic performance increases! And to learn even more and read the full post, hop over to the Network Exchange Blog.