Can mobile apps truly turn modern distractions into well-managed spiritual time? For early adopters of technology, this seems to be a solution to consistent personal devotion and meditation throughout the week. Many believe that meditation and prayer can also benefit physical health and brings peace to chaotic days.

While technology can be viewed as a distraction from quiet moments, there is a growing trend where people are seeking the help of mobile apps to carve a moment of personal devotion, meditation and prayer in their daily life.  With today’s mobile technology spiritual practice is only a swipe away. Whether seeking enlightenment, guidance, or some peace of mind, for many, spending a little personal time can mean personal enrichment for daily living.

No matter the faith or inspiration, many have discovered how to turn a potential distraction into helpful tools for spiritual discipline. There’s a growing trend toward specialized apps that seamlessly use mobile technology to inspire mediation or devotional time.

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