We all have busy lives and need our phones to enough battery life to get us through the day. It can sometimes only take only a few hours for the percentages to slowly begin to decrease after gaming, downloading, surfing the web, etc. Below is a list of five free apps mentioned in the Los Angeles Times you can download so the next time you’re en route and forget your charger – you won’t sweat it!  

1.       Battery Saver

2.       Clean Master

3.       Battery Doctor Pro

4.       Easy Battery Saver

5.       Du Battery Saver

To learn more about these apps and other tips to help you extend the battery life of your phone, check out the full article in the Los Angeles Times.

The next time you do have time to run home and power up - why not consider a recycled charger? Read about AT&T's branded chargers released last year - made from recycled pastic materials - in this News Release.

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