We sat down with Tony Tortorici, a principal of technology security here at AT&T, to get some of the latest cyber security tips to keep your information protected in 2015. Tony proudly admits he treats online security with a healthy dose of paranoia. He knows that cyber-carelessness can hurt his wallet.

Take a look at Tony’s tips from the AT&T Insider and make a commitment to staying updated on cyber-security in 2015!

1. Create passwords with spaces

Using spaces adds a level of complexity to your password, and hackers don’t usually include spaces when they are trying to crack passwords.

2. Don’t save sign-ins

The Internet cookies that make it easy to store website access data also make it easy for hackers to snag your information.

3. Public Wi-Fi isn’t for private information

Public Wi-Fi is good for catching up with friends on social networks, but not as secure for doing things like paying your credit card bill. It’s much easier for hackers to break into unsecure networks than secure ones at home.  

4. Create separate email accounts

Use one email account to stay in touch with your friends and family, and the other for your bank account. That way you know that if you get an email in the first account that claims it’s from your bank, it isn’t.

5. Check the link before you click

Fake links are among the most commonly used tactics by hackers. You can hover your mouse over a link to make sure the URL is correct before clicking.

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