Anne Chow’s success as a Julliard-trained pianist and head of sales at AT&T’s Premier Client Group can be attributed to five guiding tenants she shares with her daughters and mentees. In her journey to a rewarding science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career, she encountered many obstacles along the way – or “thorns on the STEM” as she describes. Her five guiding tenants she used along the way helped her to overcome and embrace the thorns during her career journey:

1.)    Different is GOOD.

2.)    Difficulty yields GROWTH.

3.)    Failing is LEARNING.

4.)    LEAN ON others.

5.)    IT IS all about YOU (not them).

To learn more about these career tips, continue reading Anne Chow’s blog in the Huffington Post.

With a goal to "pay it forward" – Anne Chow mentors and helps others as a way to repay those who encouraged her along the way in her career. In the video above, Anne's personal story proves she has a true passion for the growth of those around her.

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