By Pamela Corante
AT&T Insider Staff Writer

Hello, my dear friend. I am the grand-niece of a recently deposed Nigerian prince. In my possession I hold $100 million that I must hide as my very life is in danger. Please send me your bank account number immediately so that I may safely deposit the money. For your most kind gesture, I promise you a $10 million reward.

Known as a 419 scam, advanced-fee fraud or a Nigerian Prince email, it's possible that one or more of these messages has landed with a thud in your inbox. For AT&T Presents: Untold Stories winner Faraday Okoro, the common email scam was the seed that sprouted into "Nigerian Prince," a coming-of-age story that premieres tonight at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

Luck has shined on Faraday after last year's win. This week, he made headlines in a New York Times profile. He talks about the challenges associated with filming the fictional story of an American teen who is forced to move to Nigeria, and the desperate measures he takes to come home.

"Nigerian Prince" will be available starting in September on DIRECTV and U-Verse.

And if you have friends or family who are aspiring filmmakers, spread the world about AT&T Presents: Untold Stories. The call for entries for the 2019 program will be announced later this year.