By: Laura Hernandez, Executive Director for Product Marketing Management at AT&T

At AT&T, when we look for #PowerLatinas we don’t need to look very far.  We close out our celebration as we chat with our own Margarita Olivarez. 

Margarita knows all about motherhood. As a daughter, mother and grandmother, Margarita has experienced many types of motherly love as both a recipient and giver.

In this interview, she helps us better understand the selflessness of a mother.

Q. What does being a “super mom” mean to you?

We want our children to have everything we didn’t. But we also want them to continue with some of the traditions and hardcore values of respect, integrity and overall characteristics of a good human being. Sometimes it can be hard to strike that balance. To me, that balance is what makes a “super mom.”

My mother taught us those things through example. As a college student earning her bachelor’s degree in education my mom was the first one to wake up and last one to go to sleep.  She didn’t have a lot of extra time but she was determined to make her dream of becoming a teacher come true.

Q. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions that your Mother started?

A.  As soon as we started getting older, my mother encouraged us to participate in volunteer activities. She felt that it was only fair for us to share our extra time with those who need it most.

On Mother’s Day, I started the tradition of volunteering with my children, grandchildren and mother. The power of volunteering and giving our time to the community is our super power as a family.

Q: How do you stay in touch with your family now that you are all older and do not live together?

A.  Fortunately for us, we all live within 10 blocks from each other. But even then phones and technology help us. We call each other every day even if it just to touch base. 

Family starts to fall apart when you get your feelings hurt. Someone didn’t invite you to a party because they don’t have your updated address and you are sad, then angry.

 Now, you have social media and technology at your fingertips. We have our own personal family page where we post about our lives, monumental moments and events. Everyone gets invited and no one is left out that way.

All “super moms” out there should take advantage of this.

We are so proud to call you an AT&T “super mom!” How does it feel holding that title with 3 other amazing moms?

A. When I got the email I felt real humbled. I will always cherish being able to be a part of this.

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