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Prototyped within 28 hours at an AT&T hackathon back in January by post-grad students Linghua Jin and Xiaomi Mao, the app Africa Swing is a mobile game that challenges players to dodge obstacles while collecting points with upcoming actions signaled by the rhythm of the in-app music.

Xiaomi – a first-time hackathon participant – and Linghua – only a second-time participant – were not expecting to win first place. They attended to learn more about mobile app development as well as discover new services or features that could be integrated into their app idea. Competing against 22 teams, the pair took the top prize, winning hands-on support by WildTangent to quickly take Africa Swing from concept to market.   

By providing the right resources, expertise and collaboration opportunities, we helped Linghua and Xiaomi launch Africa Swing in less than six months. Starting today, the Android-based mobile game can be enjoyed by AT&T consumers via WildTangent’s mobile game service. The game will open to all consumers after 30 days.

Check out the image above to get a glimpse of Africa Swing, or download the app to test it out for yourself. To learn more about our AT&T hackathons, visit developer.att.com/hackathon.


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