The opportunities are endless to showcase AT&T’s advanced network, products and services at the AT&T National, which took place June 24-30 in the Washington, D.C. area — outside of our traditional 22-state wireline footprint.

“Golf is one of the primary platforms of our overall sponsorship strategy,” said Mark Wright, vice president of Media Services and Sponsorships. “Tournaments like the AT&T National give us the opportunity to showcase our ability to deliver a great wireless experience, even in the middle of the ever-changing environment of a golf course. That gives our customers even more confidence that we can deliver great connectivity, solid coverage and fast speeds at home, the office or wherever they may be.”

For example, the state-of-the-art AT&T National Media Center connected 100 work locations over high-speed fiber optic cable for unmatched data and voice transmission. Thanks to this technology, more than 140 national and international media representatives were able to bring the PGA Tour event to the world. Reporters could also stay in touch while on the move by connecting their mobile devices to our Wi-Fi network.

“Our goal is to have everybody amazed at our capabilities, but give them no idea what it took to get it there for them,” Glen Zell, Sponsorship, said. “They expect it to be ready to go, and together we make it happen.”

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