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We care about our customers — so when we heard that a group of oil workers in remote Williston, N.D. couldn’t get to an AT&T store, we brought the store to them. Far away from friends and loved ones – and 50 miles away from the closest AT&T store – thousands have flocked to join the booming oil business at the “Man Camp.”

In early August, drivers hauled the store down Highway 85 in a flatbed truck, and the retail team followed in a caravan of cars. This was the beginning of many long drives — and a 100-mile commute each day from a hotel in Williston to a camp or truck stop.

Once they parked the trailer, assembled the store and started the generator, AT&T employees had no idea what to expect. “It felt odd to step out of a store on wheels into an enormous camp in the middle of nowhere,” area retail manager Garrett Kunz said.

Fortunately, the oilfield workers eagerly welcomed our team. Working in such a remote area, they appreciated devices with internet, apps, music and video. Tablets and smartphones were popular, especially because AT&T has made significant network investments to bring blazing fast 4G LTE connectivity to western North Dakota.

“A lot of the oilfield workers moved to the region using competitors’ services, which do not provide strong coverage in the area,” said Jon Doyle, store employee. “AT&T has a solid network, so word quickly got around that our service works. This made our presence in the camps even more significant.”

From neighborhood to oil field, we put service first, ensuring our customers can stay connected to their loved ones wherever they may be.

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