On the final night of baseball in St. Louis, fans continued to share photos, tweet and send texts in huge numbers.

Here are some of the metrics from AT&T’s Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, inside the ballpark from Game 5:

  • AT&T data usage on our in-stadium network during Game 5 was more than 173 GB (gigabytes).
    • 173 GB of data is equal to more than 494,750 social media posts with photos or more than 5,700 hours of streaming music.
  • AT&T fans made more than 18,000 voice calls and sent more than 60,100 SMS text messages last night on our in-stadium network
  • The peak hour for data traffic on our in-stadium network was from 8–9 p.m. CST when data usage was 40 GB (gigabytes).
  • Fans downloaded 108 GB of data, while uploading 66 GB of data on the AT&T in-stadium network.
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