Fitness fever already fizzled into a fitness flop? Why is it so hard to stay motivated? We find ourselves looking at our phones, laptops and tablets constantly; if only there were a way to transform all that screen time into fitness time. Good news, there are solutions! Check out these devices and apps to help get you back on track with your resolution, and read the full article on AT&T Thread.

With Fitocracy two online activities, gaming and social media, motivate users to achieve their fitness goals. Fitocracy is a fitness-focused website and mobile app where people can go to get encouragement and support. It lets you track activities, earn achievement badges and join groups of people with similar goals.

Not sure where to start? Cody offers workout plans and tips for people who aren’t sure how to get started. Then, it uses sharing and comments on social media to help keep the peer pressure on.

Looking for a device? With the Fitbit Charge wireless activity and sleep wristband, you can get stats on-the-go right where you want them and track daily activities.

For more devices to help get your fitness resolution back on track, check out this page.