By Mark Shine, AT&T Senior Vice President & Managing Director–Energy Business Solutions

In the global and highly dynamic Energy industry, mobilizing business processes for these companies can have a tremendous impact on communications and overall productivity.  AT&T has invaluable experience in shaping, delivering and supporting the Energy and Global sectors.  We have an understanding of the complexity in these markets and can deliver in these multifaceted environments, which frees customers to focus on their core lines of business.

Our work with Shell

150,000 Shell employees and contractors in over 50 countries are migrating to a new unified communications platform that allows users to connect with each other via instant messaging, voice, web and video conferencing, and application sharing using a single, intuitive interface.  The solution enables voice, data files and video sharing across multiple mobile operating platforms in a fully managed environment and on a wide range of connected devices.

Working with Shell has been enormously rewarding.  We’re helping Shell save money while providing tools to help create a working environment in which phone numbers and voicemail won’t be fixed to a specific device or location; calls can be made to an entire team dispersed around the globe; and advanced video tools will encourage the adoption of video conferencing and allow for virtual working.

What else can we offer businesses in the energy industry?

AT&T’s next-generation managed collaboration services are available in countries that represent 99 percent of the world’s economy.  This allows us to provide multinational businesses like Shell with access to advanced networking services to support their business around the globe.  Our Rapid Deployment capability also helps ensure accelerated connectivity and networking solutions to non-field locations for time critical network services.

These strategic services are critical for oil and gas enterprises and their ability to operate more efficiently in existing markets, along with those targeted for expansion in the years ahead.

  • AT&T Cargo View maximizes visibility and improves transport operations over land, sea, and air by tracking global assets using near real-time location and sensor information.   Environmental conditions can also be monitored for quality assurance and regulatory requirements.
  • AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk Service allows for almost instant one-to-one or one-to-many voice communications to help get things done quickly and improve worker collaboration and productivity.
  • AT&T Remote Mobility Zone (ARMZ) enables voice, data, satellite and optional Wi-Fi services that can be used in remote areas where cellular coverage may not be available.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are key for tracking, monitoring, and collecting data on valuable assets in the field.  With Global SIM, AT&T helps simplify deploying connectivity solutions.

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