Grace Hopper was a forerunner in computer science, blazing the path for women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers everywhere. The American computer scientist is an inspiration to us all – and still serves as a strong role model for young women working to establish their careers in STEM. 

As AT&T’s Lana Yarosh puts it, “Find what drives you and actively seek out those experiences.”  Lana, a researcher at AT&T, shares important advice in her Huffington Post blog for young women entering STEM education or a STEM career. In her post, she discusses how to get hooked on science and technology by sharing three valuable lessons based on her personal experiences.

Most of our women leaders at AT&T would agree that it’s important to have patience, perseverance and to recognize accomplishments as they happen. Check out the below gallery for a few words of wisdom from our AT&T women leaders, and be sure to visit our education and inspiration Pinterest board.

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