By: Tom Hughes

Protecting your physical and data assets is essential. When you sign a lease on a new office—or even buy a new home—you think about what steps to take to help secure your property. More and more businesses are experiencing cyber-attacks. Protecting your data assets is just as important as physical security. Just like every door has a lock, you need to take steps to keep key customer and company data safe. 

Consider this application - after more than three quarters of a century as a brick-and-mortar business in Philadelphia, a small business wanted to reinvent itself online to sell its products nationally. Moving its data to the cloud was essential to expanding their business. It let them enhance warehouse processes, make order fulfillment more efficient, and make faster, more accurate deliveries.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of sensitive information exchanged during the online ordering process. That’s why it’s important to use virtual networking services like AT&T NetBond®, which provides highly secure connections to the cloud.   AT&T is also virtualizing security functions that businesses can use to help protect information within public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. For example, AT&T Network-Based Firewall provides a layer of protection embedded directly into the network to help filter out potential threats within a business’s cloud infrastructure.

Small businesses require quick and nimble security measures to respond to growing cyber threats and remain agile. Thank you again to all of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners for dreaming big!

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Tom Hughes, VP – Small Business Marketing