Have you ever noticed the influence Latino culture has on U.S. pop culture?

A 2012 study shows 78% of non-Hispanics perceive a high or moderate level of Hispanic influence on American culture.*

Whether it’s the food, the music, the dance or the celebrities, Latino culture is American culture.

AT&T honors this richness in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s just one more way to express passion for a culture through its triumphs, diversity and contributions.  

We’ll highlight unique stories of success, pride and empowerment over the next month.

Stay tuned for interviews with celebrities and influencers sharing their experiences growing up Latino. We’ll also share their tips for success and how they express passion for their culture and heritage.

Join AT&T and the #ExpresaTuPasión movement starting Sept. 16 as we highlight Hispanic trailblazers. Follow @AttLatino on Twitter, like our Facebook Fanpage and tell us how you express your passion for your culture and heritage using #ExpresaTuPasión.

* The Hispanic Influence on American Culture 2012, Conill/Saatchi