Stealing packages off people’s porches was a reoccuring crime in a New Jersey neighborhood.  But one suspect was caught after stepping on Michael Witriol’s front porch. He may not have seen the AT&T Digital Life sign in the front yard—but a security camera saw him. See what happens next in the above video.

With the weather cooling off and the holiday season upon us, break-ins and theft are definite concerns for any homeowner.  Learn from Michael Witriol’s experience with AT&T Digital Life and consider these security tips the next time you leave town:

Prepare your home before hitting the road. It’s always important to take five minutes to really think about your home’s security before you run out the door.  Activate the alarm system, garage security and automatic/timed lights. Remove all extra keys under the fake “rock” or doormat. If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, notify your local police station. Let them know the dates you will be out of town so they can check on your house as needed.

Always be careful who you tell. Whether it’s a note on the fridge or your latest status update on social media, resist leaving notes for people or family members. You never know who will come across them and use the information to their advantage.

Check in while you’re away. Take it from Michael Witriol, and conduct regular sweeps of all the cameras in your home using the AT&T Digital Life dashboard.  Also, with the Digital Life cameras, when someone steps into view, it triggers a sensor and an alert will be sent directly to your device indicating a detected motion. Using the Digital Life dashboard, you can also turn on lights, lock/unlock doors and monitor for floods or fires right from your device. While you’re away, it’s also smart to leave a trusted friend or neighbor in charge of your house to collect mail, water plants and do a scan of the home to show some activity.

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