Over the last decade, advances in mobile and tablet devices have allowed for simple communications, acurate calendar reminders and top-notch memory support. These techonologies can actually play a huge part in easing age and other health-related challenges.

For example, AT&T offers medicine bottles that remind you of your dosage times. Some apps offer support to the family caregiver like tips on how to handle certain situations. There are even apps intended to entertain and stimulate the caregiver in ways that make it easier on the patient.

Future smart devices should bring us options to ease dementia and related conditions. Some examples of these features that would benefit caregiver and patient alike include:

  • Reminders (medicine, appointments, eating)
  • Memory support services (icons and sound over words and menus)
  • Easy communications (chat, texting, calling)
  • Tracking/location services (finding a lost relative)
  • Universal remote (home automation)

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