The only thing better than engorging yourself with turkey, potatoes and pie during the holiday season, is sharing pictures of your delectable feast on your social networks.

The AT&T Newsroom team has pulled together ten tips to turn Aunt Gertrude’s cringe worthy string bean casserole, into a professional food magazine worthy masterpiece.

Apply the Rule of Thirds
For a more interesting picture, imagine your subject in a 3x3 grid. Place the subject on one of the lines, rather than right in the middle of your shot.

11_26_13_instagram (9)

Play with Angles
Much like people, food has a ‘good side.’ Experiment with different angles, as the bird’s eye view doesn’t do some foods justice i.e. a piled high sandwich, or layer cake.

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Use the Blur Feature

The blur feature helps add depth-perception and focus. A simple blurred circle around your main item of food will dull the background noise of the photo, and help your treat stand as the focal point. It also makes you look super artsy.

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Natural Light – Period.
Say it with me: Flashes kill food photos. Instagram itself notes this fact saying “never, ever use a flash.” In its blog, Instagram suggests sitting near a window and avoiding overhead spotlights.

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Watch for Shadows

You may have your food placed just right, your natural light all set, and then you raise your hand right in between your glorious food and your light source. Boom- the shadow of your hands creates an unsightly distraction. Direct the camera by tilting your phone around, not by moving your hands up and down.

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Less is More

You don’t need a filter, a blurred spotlight and a border. One will suffice.

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Set the Scene When Appropriate

Sometimes the setting is just as important as the meal itself.

11_26_13_instagram (10)

Keep your Place Setting Plain

When you’re showcasing a picture perfect dish or even a whole meal, keep your setting and background simple unless it’s appropriate to ‘set the scene’ as noted above.

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The Cheese Doesn’t Need to Stand Alone

Unless you’re sitting at home watching a chick-flick scarfing down cupcakes and popcorn alone (much like my last Saturday night), chances are you are dining with great company. Give your family and friends their close-up!

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Get in the Action

Food is beautiful on its own, but you can really highlight the deliciousness of your meal by digging in. Mmmmhhhm cheesey

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