Today, many businesses view mobility solutions as tools that can help increase efficiency and productivity. AT&T sees business mobility differently — it's a critical asset for driving new revenue generation and competitive advantage. AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions helps customers transform their businesses, so that people, processes, and assets are always connected and can be optimized on the go.

Everyone wants “apps.” Apps to engage customers; apps to extend business processes; apps to improve communication; apps to extend the word day; apps to speed decision-making; and on and on.

We offer:

  • Broadest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier
  • More than 1,350 certified connected devices, including power meters, vehicles, shipping containers, pipelines and vending machines
  • Industry-leading Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP) for designing, building, deploying and managing mobile apps
  • Experience and expertise in Mobile Device Management (MDM), closing 6.5+ deals on an average business day in 2012 and supporting large scale deployments.
  • More than 500 approved mobile applications with unmatched vertical industry focus
  • Professional services through the Mobility Solutions Services team, which has increased its customer engagement capacity 6X since 2010
  • Access to more than 220,000 Wi-Fi Hot Spots globally through roaming agreements and more than 30,000 Wi-Fi Hot Spots in the U.S.
  • Award-winning mobile marketing solutions, designed to help businesses engage customers on their smartphones and tablets

Learn more about AT&T's mobility solutions for business or visit our advanced mobility solutions media kit.

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