AT&T* and GE today announced they have signed a global alliance agreement to allow GE machines to connect to the AT&T network and cloud, creating the first highly-secure wireless communications system for GE’s “Industrial Internet.”

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The companies expect their machine-to-machine (M2M) communications system will allow customers like global manufacturers to benefit from increased productivity. Workers using the system will be able to remotely track, monitor, record and operate GE machinery, virtually anywhere in the world.

AT&T and GE expect to develop offerings that meld AT&T network technologies, single Global SIM (subscriber identity module), device expertise, security, and cloud access for industrial products like electric vehicle chargers, lighting and engines. The companies also plan to collaborate in AT&T’s M2M Foundry to build innovative solutions for GE’s software platform Predix™ that can proactively maintain and remotely control industrial machines.

To continue reading, view our complete news release or learn more about AT&T's M2M solutions by visiting our related media kit.

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