Hundreds of millions of people tune in to watch Red Bull Racing around the world, but not many people know what goes on behind the scenes. During their nine-month season, Red Bull’s Formula 1 Racing team travels through 19 countries and endures 19 races – leading to a whole lot of data for the team.

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team has an "innovation partnership" with AT&T to provide a live data connection from the team's car on the track to the their headquaters in the United Kingdom. The race car will have up to 100 different sensors on race day, each measuring many different functions including tire pressures, suspension loads, brake temperatures, aerodynamic performance and even G-forces experienced by the car and driver.

AT&T receives the live data within 300 milliseconds, which plays a crucial role in understanding the car's performance and development.

Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships at Infiniti Red Bull Racing gives insight into the partnership with AT&T and Red Bull’s technologically driven sport.

Image Caption: The Infiniti Red Bull racing car, powered by an innovation parternship with AT&T, has a live connection to the team's headquaters in the United Kingdom. Download Image

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