The AT&T Community Forums have long been a hub for homegrown dialogue between customers about AT&T. Today marks its first-ever makeover. That means it’s easier to engage with and discover the content that means the most to you.

Our Communities act as a 24/7 online social site where any AT&T customer or potential customer can ask questions, seek solutions, and share timely updates with a lively community.

A home for open and honest conversations about AT&T products and services

The community is now more than just a place to ask questions and receive answers. It’s a place to have deeper and more meaningful peer-to-peer conversations. Plus, we’ve fine-tuned the search engine and optimized both navigation and browsing so you’ll be able to find the best answers to your questions, quickly and efficiently.

A mecca for techies, talkers and telecomm-ers

You won’t just find AT&T employees roaming the community walls; you’ll find tech experts like some of our device makers, and enthusiasts from around the world.

We’ve given 60 passionate and knowledgeable users the “Award for Community Excellence.” They’re known as the ACEs – a group of regular folks with regular jobs – dental assistants, chemists, film producers, butter co-op managers, and seamstresses. These individuals have hit “Super User” status on the Forums and truly enhance the collective experience.  To show our appreciation, the perks are plentiful. Most notably, the ACEs were recently asked to nominate five charities of their choice to each receive a $5,000 charitable donation from AT&T. 

If this strikes a chord with you, get started by authoring posts and offering help to fellow community members.

In addition to the ACEs, AT&T Customer Care managers actively prowl the Forums, watching for account-specific issues. This dedicated group relentlessly tracks down answers for customers.

Ready to join?

We want our Communities to reflect how much we care about our customers and give them an opportunity to voice their opinions and engage with others.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to join. Start by creating a login and jumping into an existing conversation or starting one of your own. Be sure to stop by the Help section to dig through some of the platform specifics. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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