By: Mike Troiano

The Internet of Things (IoT) is unlocking a host of possibilities for businesses. The latest example is the AT&T LTE-M Button.

We are working with Amazon Web Services to develop the technology. It will utilize the AT&T nationwide LTE-M cellular network and will be supported on the newly announced AWS IoT 1-Click service.

No need to attach the button to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The AT&T LTE-M Button is connected to the AT&T nationwide LTE-M network right out of the box. A new category of uses will be as simple as the push of a button.

The cellular LTE-M network offers businesses great advantages over Wi-Fi. Orders for tools and supplies can be placed from a job site where there is no Wi-Fi coverage. And inside buildings there is no need to connect separately to a hodge-podge of Wi-Fi networks, passwords, etc.

 Just think of the potential.

  • Mobile suppliers on the go place orders from wherever they are.
  • A customer presses an AT&T LTE-M Button and gets a product delivered to their front door or job site.
  • AT&T LTE-M Buttons attached to connected trash cans or oil storage containers trigger automatic alerts when it’s time for a pickup.

The possibilities are endless for simplification. It can save time, money and customer convenience and satisfaction.

Our nationwide LTE-M network offers extended battery life, lower cost of modules, improved coverage underground and deep inside buildings, and carrier-grade security.

The LTE-M Button will help us connect more “things” in more places than ever before.

The AT&T LTE-M Button will be available in the first quarter of 2018 on AT&T’s IoT Marketplace, a comprehensive online resource for business to purchase and provision IoT solutions. We are offering a promotional price of $29.99 for the first 5,000 buttons sold. This offer includes LTE-M wireless service.1

For more information about AT&T IoT services and support, go to


1 Promotional offer is limited to the first 5,000 units sold (whether to one customer or multiple customers) starting in the 1st quarter of 2018.  Regular pricing of $34.99 will apply to all units thereafter.; LTE-M  wireless service is included for either 3 years of the device or 1,500 clicks, whichever comes first.